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Overview of the Season

2016 Girls at Ford Ord

2016 Girls at Ford Ord

Mountain Biking is a Spring sport with races running from February through May. However, the team commitment starts in November with four days a week training through the end of the season. This consists of a core strengthening class, spin class, an after school ride, and a Saturday ride or a weekend race. All riders are expected to participate in all classes and events.

During the race season we race once or twice a month at locations all over California. Most race weekends consist of a one-night overnight with a pre-ride of the race course, a team dinner, a hotel stay, and a race day.

The team is for boys and girls from ninth through twelfth grade. We race by grade and gender. Advanced riders are further categorized.

How to Join and Sign Up

On Track!

On Track!

Recruiting and the opportunity to learn more begins in middle school and continues through Back to School Night, Club Rush, a parent presentations at school and the first team meeting. If a new rider or their parent contacts us, we will add them to an email list and invite them to learn more.

In mid-November, SR students choose their Winter Sports. This is when we look for a commitment. Although we race in the Spring, we train begin training in Winter and expect full participation to make the team. Information about how to sign up can be found on our Sign Up page. Those who sign up will be invited to a Season Kick Off Party that includes parents, student riders, coaches and other volunteers. At the Kick Off we will collect outstanding paperwork and team dues and answer questions for new riders and parents.

To join a mailing list ahead of time and receive the invitation, please contact us at  bikedawgsmanager@gmail.com.

Rider Commitment

Training runs three days a week beginning in late November, and ramps up to four days a week March through May.

Riders are expected to attend all classes, rides and races unless otherwise excused by the coaching staff.

Parent Opportunities

All training is off school grounds. Riders and their bikes need to be able to get to practices. This usually involves some parent commitment and carpooling, especially before the kids can drive themselves.

On race weekends we are “all hands on deck” with  many volunteer opportunities for parents, friends and even siblings.

How well do I need to Ride?

The Mountain Bike Team exists to promote a love of the sport and build Mountain Biking skills. We are open for all students with basic  to advanced mountain biking experience in hopes that we can grow them all into riders with a passion for the sport and successful racing skills.

Applicants should know how to ride a bike, and have some experience with shifting gears and riding on dirt. Beyond that, we just ask that you commit to the team and show up to practices and events.

Financial Commitments

Mountain Biking is technically a club sport, not sponsored by the school. While riders are typically fully funded by their parents and team fundraising, there are scholarships available at both the team and league level, as well as team discounts on gear. Contact bikedawgsmanager@gmail.com for more information.